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Get Your Account Current
Posted on Sep 23rd, 2013

Homeowners with delinquent balances are being sent to a third party collection agency.
Southgate II HOA offers homeowners the option to pay their Annual Homeowners Association Dues of $225.00 in two installments. The first installment of $112.50 was due by the end of January and the second installment of the same amount was due by the end of July.

If you haven’t sent in your  payment please submit it as soon as possible to clear up your account. If you have a balance on your account from 2013 or a previous year, late fees in the amount of $50.00 will be accruing every month until the balance on the account is rectified.

Those who are unable to pay at this time may have payment options available to them.  Such payment plans would stop the accrual of late fees while payments are made on time. In addition, you may have the opportunity decrease your balance if there are extenuating circumstances for your delinquency.

You are encouraged to contact the Southgate II HOA property manager, Michelle Williams at 817.684.3437 ext. 201 to see what options may be available to you. Please be aware that the sooner you contact Acclaim the more payment options that may be available.
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